A tool for dumping files from processes memory

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What is memory-dumper

memory-dumper is a tool for dumping files from process's memory. The main purpose is to find patterns inside the process's memory, which is done by plugins, and dump segments of memory to files.

Why would I use memory-dumper

Virtually memory-dumper can dump anything, it's up to you find it any use. That said, I use it to dump Flash files (SWF). There are many SWF encrypted files that can't be decrypted easily. The only easy way is make them decrypt themself and them dump them directly from memory.

New plugins for dumping any other type of data can be created easily.

Ok, I'd like to dump XYZ

You just need to create a plugin! It's that easy. Just look inside the plugin folder. Your plugin should have two main functions. The first one is init which will be used to init the plugin itself and pass it some useful functions; and the second one is match, which is used to pass a memory block to the plugin so it can search and dump it's content.